Refund Policy USA endeavors to give our clients magnificent help and furnish them with fair return services. To guarantee our clients are happy with the product item(s) they request, we provide 30 days of item delivery. And within 30 days of the product delivery, USA will refund the entire amount, deducting the expense of delivery, on new, unopened things. Prior to returning any item, you should acquire approval by reaching us by email at [email protected] USA will pay the arrival shipping for defective or incorrect product items for any USA shipping anomalies. Clients can hope to get a discount within two months. This estimate incorporates the delivery time back to our organization, and approval check, and discount refund processing. Refunds/discounts are issued in the form of the original payment method. If you get a defective/wrong thing because of a mistake on our part and might want a substitution, USA will address the return shipping cost for the incorrect product item and dispatch the correct item out to the customer using upgraded shipping. Subscription memberships require a 30-day notice of cancellation.

For digital delivery, USA will process the item/license/permit key through producer confirmation to ensure the item has not yet been activated/or tampered with. When this checking procedure is finished, and the item has passed, USA will discount the purchase price of the product item in the form of the original payment method.

Open License: USA may charge a 15% restocking expense fee on Open License orders that have been submitted to distribution.

Retail Licenses: USA may charge a 15% restocking expense on retail orders that have been satisfied and fulfilled.

Hostile to Virus: USA may charge a 25% restocking expense fee on Anti-Virus orders that have been satisfied and fulfilled.

Microsoft Office 365: Non-Refundable! We can’t send these keys back to Microsoft, so we can’t discount and refund any Office 365 purchases. The procedure requires a 30 day notice the execution the cancellation process.

Shipping process

We can transport/ship to about any location in the world. Note that there are limitations/restrictions on certain items, and a few product items can’t be sent to worldwide destinations.

When a request is made online/or through customer care, the assessed period for delivery depends on a few variables, including the goal, shipping strategy, and when the request was generated.

Most product items get shipped on the same day. Here are evaluated processing and delivery periods for each shipping strategy:

Ground: 1-2 days preparation and processing time. 4 – 10 Business days delivery

Express Saver: 1-2 days processing time. 2 – 3 Business days delivery

Standard Overnight: 1-2 days of processing time.

These are only the estimation. Contingent upon item accessibility, it is conceivable your product item arrives sooner from the scheduled date.

Electronic delivery

If you purchase your product(s) and it states they have an electronic delivery method or download, you will receive the required product/license key by email the same day your order is confirmed.